City style centre Europa

The Europa shopping centre is located in the heart of the skyscrapers and modern residential high-rises of Vilnius and works according to the city rhythm. At the same time, Europa is just a 10-minute walk from the Old Town.


The shopping centre covers an area of 22 thousand sq. m and houses almost 70 trade and service outlets. Brands such as Maxima, Lemon Gym, Suit Supply, Michael Kors, Pinko and others are located in the centre. 


Europa is currently undergoing its biggest and most significant renovation since it opened in 2004. Visitors will now be able to experience more functions through a balanced array of goods and services, with comfortable, diversified spaces for meetings, dates, work and leisure. A new-generation food hall will also be opening in the shopping centre, where there will be 10 different restaurants in an area of almost 800 sq. m. As a result, 300 guests will be able to dine there at one time.


Europa stands out due to its location, in the district where a new city centre has been formed with the expansion of the surrounding business centres. This well-educated, active, innovative and curious business community is interested in having a shopping centre that operates according to their rhythm. They are seeking a place where they will be able to order a morning coffee, enjoy a quick lunch suitable for a longer business meeting, and have the opportunity to take a break or buy something that will complete the perfect day – a jacket for an afternoon meeting, perfume to brighten up a busy schedule, an accessory for an unplanned date or a book for a relaxing end to the day, as well as finding the best place to meet a colleague after work for an evening chat.


The renovation is taking place in pre-planned stages, with the entire project scheduled to be completed by mid-2022. A total of EUR 5 million is the current investment in the renovation of the shopping centre.


City: Vilnius, Lithuania